While you cannot delete individual images from a set, you are able to take advantage of the features in workspace. When you create in workpace, you are able to select which images of a set of 4 you would like to move over to your “my creations” page so that you can publish just those images in each set that you want to showcase.

Step 1:

Go to your “Workspace” and click on the “+New” button.

Step 2:

Start a New Project by giving it a name and pressing the big green “Create Project” button.

Step 3:

Enter the new project you just created by pressing on the big grey rectangle that appears with your project name on it.

Step 4:

Press the green circle with the plus sign (+) in the middle.

Step 5:

Create your render like you normally would

Step 6:

When your creation is finished rendering, open it and select the image you want to publish by pressing the select button directly below the image then pressing the “Save to My Collection” button at the bottom right..

Step 7:

Once the image is moved to your “My Collection” (My Creation on the web), press on the image you just moved there.

Step 8:

Click the publish button and give your creation a name, then click publish again.

Step 9:

Share your published creation!

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